Day 4 (Thur)- Scuola del Restauro, lunch, Piazza Duomo, Palazzo Gondi

This was a long and glorious day first visiting the Scuola del Restauro at Palazzo Spinelli seen below with the Medici coat of arms-

Prog Guidetti and the scuola teachers described painting and fresco restoration processes and we visited with students learning the art of restoration-

We had lunch at Osteria (restaurant) Santo Spirito Santo Spirito Piazza-

and then transferred by minivan to the Piazza del Duomo in the heart of Florence where the Baptistry, the cathedral of Florence which is part of the Duomo, and Giotto's bell tower are located.  We could not enter the Cathedral and Duomo as planned because there was a funeral-

Here are closeups of the beautiful Cathedral of Florence

And the Duomo seen with telephoto lens from our hotel roof garden-

We next walked around  Orsanmichele and its famous statues learning about the church and statues from Prof Guidetti-

Next we walked to Palazzo Gondi greeted by the Marchese and his son who told us their history- the history of Plazzo Gondi was authored by our own Prof Guidetti- and treated to wonderful hors d'oeuvres and wine from the Gordi vineyards. Photography was not permitted at Palazzo Gondi.

Following the Gordi visit, Bob, Kenneth, Jim and I walked back to the hotel in the dark quickly walking around the Baptistery, which is being renovated, admiring the Cathedral and bell tower at night, and visiting and famous piggy and the market.
With the Baptistery renovation and darkness, it was difficult to see much of the famous north and east doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti-

The Cathedral and Bell Tower were magnificent in the night sky-

The famous piggy.  Rub its nose for good luck!

Here's a night time photograph from the hotel's garden-


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